Kaarta Traak

The best in robotics positioning and pose determination



Kaarta™ algorithms have been integrated with 3D Lidar and IMU to provide 6 DOF State information at 200 Hz with less than 15msec latency for automating robots.

Pose Estimation without GPS

Traak works beneath tree canopies, inside buildings, or in areas where GPS is obscured. Traak doesn’t need GPS for fast, accurate, and low-cost 3D real-time position estimation. Traak also provides pose with respect to a prior map for drift free performance.


  • Adapter fits VLP-16 (included)
  • Optional adapter available for the HDL-32E
  • mini HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces for real-time viewing
  • USB3 X 4
  • Connections for the Velodyne® LiDAR
  • Input: Power 12-19 vDC


  • 700 (1.54lb) gram package (without lidar)
  • Laser scanner: adapts to Velodyne VLP-16/HDL-32E
  • MEMS IMU: 6DOF solid state
  • i7 dual core processor
  • Input: Power 12-19 vDC
  • Output: USB3 or Ethernet
  • Data Sheet